Let's Electrify

How It Works

Let's Electrify is the place for residents to go to get EV charging in their community. Here's what you need to know to get going.

Start or join a project in your condo community
Create a project for your condo community by answering some questions about the parking lot, and taking a few pictures. We will help you get an estimate of the total cost to install chargers in your space and then set a fundraising goal.
Get some support from your neighbors
Share the project invite with your neighbors to see if they are willing to contribute to the cost. The more neighbors that want to join, the cheaper it will be for everyone. We provide pre-written flyers and emails you can print and send to your neighbors.
Make charging at home a reality
Once you have collected enough commitments from your neighbors, it is easy to obtain HOA approval by demonstrating the project's financial viability. Let's Electrify will then obtain quotes from qualified installers to perform turnkey installation. Let's Electrify does not collect payment -- residents pay the installer directly