Let's Electrify

Kickstart EV Chargers in your community.

Let's Electrify helps HOA residents band together to install EV chargers in multifamily buildings. On our platform, residents pool their resources to crowdfund electric car charging in the place they need it most.

Say Goodbye to Public Chargers

So you bought an EV, but can't charge at home yet? Start a free crowdfunding campaign with your neighbors to split the installation cost of several chargers at once. It is a lot cheaper than installing one by one.

Totally Free.
Let's Electrify does not charge any fees for creating or participating in campaigns.
Get Multiple Installation Quotes.
We are experts in EV charging installation and have overseen dozens of projects. You can review each quote and choose whichever licensed local contractor you want.
Nobody pays until crowdfunding goal is met.
When a campaign is created, we estimate the cost of installation, and help to collect commitments from your neighbors. Once enough residents have expressed interest, the campaign is considered funded.

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