Let's Electrify.

Let's install EV chargers where everyone lives.

Single-family homeowners have it easy. Charging an electric car is just like charging a phone -- plug in at night and your car is ready to go in the morning. But for the 40% of Americans who live in multi-family housing, it's not so simple.

Let's Electrify was started to solve the chicken-and-egg problem of installing chargers in shared communities. While dedicated home chargers are a valuable amenity for those who already own electric vehicles, those who don't own EVs don't yet feel the need to spend money installing their own personal charger.

Specifically in condos and HOAs, it can be difficult to convince the association to spend money to install chargers. However, if those who want access to the charger(s) pitch in to fund the installation, the board is much more likely to approve the project.

While today Let's Electrify focuses our efforts on helping members install EV charging, our broader vision for the future includes supporting other electification projects including community solar, battery storage, microgrids, and more.

Let's Electrify is an initiative of Starlight Charging to address the all-too-common problem of aligning residents on a common fundraising goal. You can follow us on LinkedIn, X, and YouTube. Starlight Charging is backed by Y Combinator and other notable investors.